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Multi-day tours of Provence 

designed to suit your passions, hobbies and interests

The diversity of activities and landscapes in Provence is one reason why people keep coming back to Provence - not to mention the excellent Mediterranean cuisine, slower paced lifestyle, and amazing blue skies all year round.

Are you looking for multi-day tours designed according to your passions, hobbies and interests?

Are you celebrating a special occasion that you want to last for the whole week? Maybe a honeymoon, wedding anniversary, elopement, artistic retreat or scoping the area for buying a house?

Do you have any special requests? I work with a variety of vendors that offer experiences to make your adventure unique and personalized.


Truffle Hunt

Discover the world of truffles in Provence. This immersion into the Provencal countryside is an opportunity to understand the richness of the land that naturally produces so many culinary delights. Not only will you find truffles but also herbs, olives, grapes and honey!

No truffle hunt would be complete without a gourmet tasting.  Find out how to prepare the truffle to maximize its aroma.

Cooking Lessons

Did you know that France is listed on the UNESCO list of "Intangible Heritage". A cultural exploration of any region in France begins (and ends) at the table. Perhaps you’d like to explore fine cuisine in a Michelin starred restaurant. Or, try the cooking lesson with a local chef in his country workshop. Whatever style of cooking lesson you choose, you’ll be sure to partake in the French ritual of an "intangible" heritage.
Your idea of a perfect cooking lesson can be arranged for you.

Adventure in Provence

The diversity of the landscape provides an exciting backdrop to the adventure seeker. Start your day by cycling the country roads lined with vineyards and orchards. Next, try kayaking the blue Mediterranean at the base of the silver limestone inlets known as the "Calanques". Trail hiking, electric bikes, mountain bikes, rock-climbing, ropes courses, horseback riding and even hot air balloon rides can be a part of your journey in Provence.

Classic 2cv ride

Isn’t it magical to experience something from the past?
Enjoy the beauty of Provence in a classic 2CV car.
Imagine winding through the village streets and driving through the vineyard lined country roads with all the sensations of a classic French car! Opt to drive yourself or have your own chauffeur tour you around.
Truly, this is a French experience not to be missed.

Meet the locals

Travel is more than amazing monuments and cultural heritage sites. Often, the memories that travel home with you are from the people who shared their story and savoir-faire with you.
Using a local guide allows you to have experiences that you might not have on your own. Lunches at the winegrowers home, cooking lessons with local chefs, visits with local farmers who share their story that goes back five generations - it’s an open story book waiting to enchant you. 

Photography in Provence

Visitors and locals continue to comment on remarkable light and colors found in Provence.
If you love photography and would like a special theme to your photo shoot, let your driver guide organize your route with her knowledge of the region.
You may also be interested in hiring a professional photographer to capture you in the beauty of Provence. Your professional photo-shoot will give you a memory book to cherish for a lifetime. 

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My Partners

The beautiful, relaxed culture of Provence makes it an ideal vacation spot for first-time guests and return visitors alike.

As a return visitor, I reached out to Emily to see some of the hidden treasures I was on unable to see during my first visit. She asked me what I enjoyed, what I wanted to see most, and how I’d like to spend my time. From there, she tailored an itinerary specific to me.

She was able to encompass all I requested and made excellent suggestions! I had an incredible time exploring Aix, Marseille, Luberon and the Camargue region. I learned fun facts about the region, tasted native delicacies and when I made a special, yet at times unique request, Emily obliged. She’s flexible and easy to be around. Incredibly accommodating and well versed in the culture of the villages that make up the region. Months later, I remain well pleased. Thanks, Emily!!

Myra Jackson

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